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BHA76: Sex, Death & Rebirth on DMT (feat. Adam Butler of 'Butler's DMT Field Guide')

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, I'm joined by another special guest: Adam Butler -- philosopher, psychonaut, alchemist, and author of the book, Butler's DMT Field Guide.

This book is a dense collection of DMT extraction recipes, the various ways to consume DMT, the best precautions and intentions to shape when trying it -- as well as some of Adam's personal experiences with it, his rigorous study and experimentation, and his overall analysis of the biological and psychological potential. And yes, some of these studies include sexual activity of the tantric variety while under the influence of DMT!

So naturally we get into all this and more -- to include more hermetic philosophy, Carl Jung, shadow work, the strong case of John Dee and Edward Kelley using to DMT to create Enochian magic, gods and devils, the nature of consciousness, and trying to navigate the balance between the spiritual and the mundane grind of life.

We hope you dig it!

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