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BHA74: CS Lewis, God & 'The Problem of Pain'

This week is another solo episode where I take the time for a deep dive into the work of Christian philosopher and fictional author, CS Lewis. Most popular for the renowned Chronicles of Narnia, it is lesser known that Lewis was a damn good non-fiction philosophy author, and his journey tracks one of an atheist to a believing Christian through the helps of people like the very JRR Tolkien himself!

This is not a "Christian show", so I must say as a disclaimer that we will be using a much more interpretive tone when approaching Lewis' philosophy, but his book The Problem of Pain is a fantastic example of why I would've bought him a drink to pick his brain, even if I didn't agree with everything he said.

Here I share my favorites quotes from his work as well as my interpretations and musings. Don't forget to check out the other BHA episodes about God, Goddess and Jungian psychology for more food for thought on the subject! This is the latest update in a long string of episodic musings.


This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists.


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