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BHA73: The Dark Pyramid of Alaska - Fact or Fiction?

Happy New Year and welcome black to Black Hoodie Alchemy, folks! This week, I'm briefly talking about my trip back home to Anchorage, and unfolding the lore behind the alleged underground "Dark Pyramid" of Alaska, near Denali, that is apparently underground and four-times the size of the pyramid of Giza. And on top of all that, we have an explicit government cover-up and an intrinsic tie to the history of the state. This story is wild!

I'm very skeptical, but as a longtime Alaska resident I love this story and think it's great weird food for thought! It is an old conspiracy theory by now, and with that it has an old school feel, harkening back to a time before things got soooo overtly bi-partisan.

This episode will serve as a bit of a part one to further investigation, trying to understand where this story came from and what, if anything, we should take seriously about it.

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This week's featured music is from my talented childhood homies in Anchorage, Alaska! Don't forget to support your favorite indie artists of all types.


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