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BHA65: Magick in Practice & Application (feat. Douglas Batchelor of 'What Magic is This?')

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! This week I have another special returning guest: good ol' Douglas Batchelor of the 'What Magic is This?' podcast, and we're following up our chat in BHA #54, where we discussed Magick in History & Modern Day.

For those unfamiliar, Douglas is a researcher and magician that is as talented as he is cheerful and humble, and his podcast has many impressive, insightful guests that are well worth your listen! But this time around on BHA, we are hacking through the weeds of the less traveled trails of esoterica!

What does it mean to actually practice magick? Is the 'k' in the word really necessary? What are differences between white and black magick? What are the commonalities or archetypes that we can find in comparative religion, and what are the dangers in over-simplifying these concepts? How does someone choose what works for them? Why is magick still relevant in the modern day, and what kinds of purposes can it serve practically in a world full of more existential terror than ever?

We also discuss what exactly Douglas practices, what he recommends, what doesn't recommend, and why he does what he does. Furthermore, we get into different kinds of magick, to include everything from the transcendental and esoteric, to the darkest and blackest of all the lurid magick and curse work -- and even the more mundane like money and love! As a final cherry on top, I even manage to get my guest's opinions on Philip K Dick's Exegesis in follow-up to last week.

We hope you dig it!

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!


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