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BHA63: Cryptids Around the Globe w/ Tippy Patson the Redneck Mystic (feat. Anthony Tyler)

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy -- this week is a bit of a twist! Longtime listeners of Black Hoodie Alchemy will be very familiar with the strange character that is Tippy Patson -- the Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire -- and his appearances in episodes 14, 30, 38, and 59. Well somehow this idiot decided to record his very own BHA episode without me! Yes, he found my upload login and my Zoom password, and also didn't bother to let me know we were recording when I gave him a call in the middle of it!

It's all a bit ridiculous, but I decided I might as well let the upload pass as is. After all, he did edit the whole thing with a commercial break and music, so hey whatever.

Oh and what is this episode actually about? Well, lo and behold, when he isn't hunting Illuminati gators or scrying with cow shit, Tippy Patson is apparently a cryptozoologist and hunter! He reports to have a lot of experience hunting these various creatures throughout Florida and beyond, and also seems to have gotten ahold of an internet database full of cryptids that helped fuel his research for this week's episode. As you can see by the list below, he goes through quite a few!

It's all these cryptids, the Dark Pyramid of Alaska, and appearances from nearly all members of The League of Extorndiary Gents this week! That's right, it's Jefferson Tilamookslinger the former Illuminati cloning lab manager, resident numerologist Muscle Tornado, cosmic ghost pirate Apex Monsoon this week, while Silverback Commando is in the middle of an existential crisis, Randy Stemp is off on his paranormal investigations, and Bayou Jones is MIA. I hope you dig it! Tippy's list of discussed cryptids [I'm not hot linking them all but you can find all their entries through the search-bar on Cryptid Wiki]

- Wildman of Aberdeen - Barnacle Tree - Bassigator - Dogigator - Fiji Mermaid - Yukon Beaver Eater - Bobo & Colossal Claude (sea creatures) - Ghost Camel - Wunk - Matlox the Giant - Miracle Mike the Headless Chicken - Geoff the Talking Mongoose - Terror Beast - NotDeer - Dingbat & Dingbelle - Drake the rapper - Elephant Bird - Cockatrice - Sand Squink & Squonk - Skunk Ape - Sam Harris - Philamaloo - Man Eating & Cow Eating Tree - Pepie Monster - Phantom Kangaroo - India - Shug Monkey - Sky Serpents - Bunnyman - Deerman - Dogman - Wolfman - Frogman - Owlman - Mothman - Mudman - Gatorman & Jake the Gator - Lizardman - Catman - Grassman - Hatman - Metalman - Hogman - Squidman - Merman - Pigman - Iceman - Donkeyman - Floridaman - Mantisman - Manman GET SOME BLACK HOODIE ALCHEMY MERCH! my link tree This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists! Hill Country Promenade - Stray Puzzle Piece Firewalker - Doc Hammer Way It Used to Be - Arkeologists x Tribesmen Lukin - Doc Hammer


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