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BHA61: 'Lighting the Void' Radio is Crashed by a 'Former Cloning Lab Manager' (feat. Joe Rupe)

Buckle the hell up this week, because you're in for a wild ride! Former "Illuminati cloning lab manager" and "actor", codename: Jefferson Tilamookslinger AKA Steve Buschemi AKA Shnelius Maximus AKA Clone-Lab Supreme graces us with his presence!

Most listeners of Black Hoodie Alchemy will by now be familiar with redneck mystic Tippy Patson and The League of Extordniary Gents including ol Jefferson T, and most listeners will also be familiar with Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void Radio here on the Fringe.FM. (Check out my chat with him in episodes #20 and #13 for more!) This episode includes a nice hour long chat where Jefferson recently and unexpectedly called into a live broadcast of Lighting the Void, only to have some very strange questions and considerations for Joe.

Topics this week include Bama-Henge and the dinosaurs that surround it, managing a cloning lab for the Illuminati, the clones of Kanye West and Jamie Fox, traveling the world in storage crates, drugs and also running out of them, Plato's Republic, Bill Hicks being Alex Jones and so much more!

Brief Videos:

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