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BHA53: Investigating Your Personal Mythology

This week on the show, I am tying up some loose threads that can be found recurring all throughout the Black Hoodie Alchemy program: the idea of inner mythology. As above, so below; as within, so without -- the practice of alchemy through art and science helps to investigate and further define the inner realms of our psyche so hungry for transmutation.

Through a web of dreams, art, intuition, and esoteric magick guided with rigor and discipline, the simple ideals and anxieties of our imagination can prove to be a long-running thread ready to be pulled, unraveling the shadowed mechanisms of our psyches so we may understand them with greater transparency. This is a topic that in many ways is the basis of this entire BHA program, so naturally there will be many familiar topics brought up here as we assemble them within the overarching context of investigating the mythology of the psyche.

Why were you so drawn to certain characters and themes as a child? Why are you so drawn to certain themes now? Why do your dreams lack certain aspects, and why might your life lack certain aspects? Many mystically-minded people are wont to interpret every piece of a dream to be a part of the greater whole, yet much fewer people take this approach in their daily lives. Does everything have meaning? Are there such things are coincidences or is everything meant to be?

Perhaps, or perhaps not, but one thing is for certain: the more one pays attention to the details of their lives, the more information there is to be gained. Like a detective hot on the trail, an archeologist uncovering a buried monolith, or an artist bending over backward to paint a chapel ceiling, we grind and sweat over the mythologies of our own lives. For it is either we do this -- or perhaps our mythologies might grind and sweat us out first.

Considering books like Personal Mythology by Dr. David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner (which is very much a work of analytic psychology, the study fostered by Carl Jung and furthered by people like Joseph Campbell among many others) the work of Carl Jung, The Goblin Universe by Ted Holiday (last episode's subject), and my books Dive Manual and Hunt Manual, I attempt to not only lay out the imperative need to investigate your personal mythology, but also the practical scientific merit as well as the merit of the mystical and transcendental. I don't seek to give all the answers here -- nor could I -- but I do shed some light with some source material to look into further! I hope you dig it. This week's featured music -- don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!


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