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BHA5: 21st Century Demonology Pt. 1 - Poltergeists

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! In this episode we are setting the stage for our discussions of demonology. This is the first part, and this will be a subject we revisit consistently but not continuously, and we are starting out with poltergeists! We start with analyzing some of the actual sciences here, dealing with analytic psychology and the nervous system.

Then the main subjects will be Peter Page and the Church Street Poltergeist of St. Catherine's Canada in 1970; and Ernie Rivers and the Project Poltergeist in Newark, New Jersey during the early 1960s. The first has a great deal of police paperwork behind it, involving 6 esteemed and longtime police officers begrudgingly investigating this paranormal activity, only to begin writing detailed official reports about how poltergeists are the only explanation left for what they've been seeing happen to the Page family. Today the police report can be viewed online, and so can interviews with some of the police officers.

The second is the first purported case of a poltergeist in inner city project housing, and how Ernie Rivers became such a radical case that he not only had the Newark Housing Authority hiring a priest to help cleanse the project building, but he also had scientists from Duke's now-defunct Parapsychology Department come to pay him many visits.

We also talk a little bit about the exorcism of Anneliese Michel (inspiration for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose), the Amityville Horror, and we talk about the suspiciousness of Ed and Lorraine Warren (inspiration for The Conjuring movies.)

Lastly, I sign off with a musical track from my friend, Keats Ross, under the name DAKOTA SLIM.

You can listen to his song Wasted Bones here!


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