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BHA47: Cannabis, Tobacco & Freemasonry in Alchemy (feat. PD Newman)

This week, we return to our alchemical roots and discuss some of the sacramental plants involved in the both the alchemical process and the alchemical historical timeline. Author, philosopher, and full-blooded alchemist PD Newman joins the show to help us sift through the weeds of esoterica here, and he's one of the best men for the job.

Not only is he an accredited scholar and researcher, but also an alchemist in practice when it comes to philosophy and experimentation. He makes his own tinctures and medicines, he's worked as a cannabis master grower for medical facilities in Oklahoma, forages for his own fruits and various mushrooms, and even sifts through Native American texts, learning the ingredients of their old smoking blends to try for himself. He as well began growing the traditional Nicotiana Rustica tobacco plant, which is what the Natives Americans were known to use, and varies from the mass market Nicotiana Tabacum nearly all smokers enjoy today.

All this and you might think he's a hipster with a fedora and a handle-bar mustache, but PD Newman is an old hippie alchemist that lives and breathes what he talks about, and is humble enough to not flaunt his pursuits. Instead he truly seems to relish a conversation that might bring light to topics he loves so very much, and I very much relished the conversation I got to have with him. We not only talk about some of the alchemical histories of cannabis and tobacco, but we also discuss psilocybin, mescaline, and more.

Beyond this, I also got the chance to pick Newman's brain about Freemasonry in the modern day. Not only is he a 32nd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, but so was my late great grandfather, and we talk about masonry's history both in the context of alchemy and in the larger social perspectives. Given that any organization can veer into aspects of corruption, and that individual masonic lodges are run almost entirely independent from one another (just like a church), it can still be plainly seen that at the heart of any potential deviation is actually a rich, altruistic heritage of philosophical thinkers and actual brick masons building cathedrals. Either that or we're both just another couple of idiot or bought-out Masonic Shills!

It's all this and more this week! We hope you dig it.

This week's featured hip-hop and drum-n-bass are all courtesy of our guest, PD Newman himself! With his good friend, they once formed the production duo I AM A UFO, and even worked with names that some underground hip-hop heads might know well, like Moka Only.


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