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BHA37: UFOs, Psychedelia & Disinfo Games (feat. Mike Mazzei of Mind Escape)

On the show this week, my good friend and fellow researcher Mike Mazzei joins me to discuss both UFOs and ancient history -- but not in the traditional "ancient alien" sense of the topic. Host of the podcast, Mind Escape, it is co-hosted by his cousin Maurice who is currently on hiatus, preparing their new documentary to soon release at the Roswell UFOXPO conference this month, March 10-12th!

I will actually have a small guest spot in this documentary, explaining some of the strange things I've seen in the sky while living in Alaska, and there will be a whole roster of accredited scientists and philosophers, including the well-known Dr. Rick Strassman -- the first person to conduct clinical trials with DMT and popularize the monicker "spirit molecule". This documentary, instead of attempting to draw specific conclusions, will instead attempt to investigate and document the psychedelic, Carl-Jungian, dream-like qualities of the UFO experience that the nut-and-bolts mindsets tend to gloss over.

This in mind, we take some time to go down the rabbithole of modern Ufology as we know it. We talk about some of the current news with spy-balloons and alleged craft shot down all over, we talk about some of the plot-holes in mainstream Ufology, some of the biases, and some of the underdeveloped angles of investigation -- like the psychedelic angle. That is to say: UFOs are not exclusively tied to the consumption of a psychedelic chemical, but rather, the experiences heavily mimic experiences of psychedelic chemicals. And as the cherry on top, there is of course a very long history of people specifically seeing UFOs on psychedelics in very impactful ways that go a bit beyond the notion of a mere fever dream.

Lastly, we attempt to parse through some of the ancient history of psychedelic drugs and the sacramental, religious, mystical uses. What is "soma"? Why do so many people consider it a psychedelic, and could it have been cannabis, an ayahuasca analogue, a mushroom, or perhaps all of the above -- depending on the circumstances? We take a little bit of time to look through the uses of these chemicals and more in different cultures, and we consider what has become of all these traditions in the modern day.

Join us!

"As Within So Without: from UFOs to DMT" documentary, premiering at the Roswell UFOXPO March 10-12th 2023, including guest appearances from me -- Anthony Tyler, Martin Ferretti (as many of you will know from Black Hoodie Alchemy) and many impressive and accredited doctors and philosophers!

Keep an eye out for the release of their documentary right here on their Patreon, and I will update this description as the release happens and continues!

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