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BHA34: Synchronicity 101 & Codename Jefferson T (feat. Grant Mock)

Welcome to a little bit of a listener appreciation edition of Black Hoodie Alchemy! We have a pre-recorded call-in from Chris F, a little bit of featured music from rapper and illustrator Alex Arck, and the rowdy banjo picking of listener Grant Mock under the name Stray Puzzle Piece, who also joins me as a guest in the second portion of the show to discuss the concept of CG Jung's synchronicity.

But before all that, Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind joins me once again to interview yet another member of Redneck Mystic Tippy's Patson's crew of illuminati-gator hunters. This man goes by the codename: Jefferson T, although there are some discrepancies with what his last name actually is. He not only clears this up for us, but also goes into his fifteen-year career as a manager of a franchised Illuminati cloning facility in Newark, New Jersey.

He as well elaborates on details of the life and operations of cloning lab employees, just who is running these labs, and why he's come to the Florida Everglades to gather with Tippy P and the rest of his crew. A brief interview with a member of Tippy's "League of Extordniary Gentlemen" will not be a part of every episode moving forward, but we are in the middle of a solid stint right now! You can expect one more next week before we move back into more traditional guests for now.

But don't forget: if you want to hear the full chronicles of Tippy's League, check out Black Hoodie Alchemy episodes #14, 30, 32, and 33!

As mentioned, the second half of the show will be a discussion of synchronicity, guided by quotes from Jung's work, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. This conversation quickly becomes part psychology, part physics, and part mysticism as we try to hash out just what synchronicity is and what its building blocks are. When we see the external world convey "messages" to us in ways that are deeply intuitive and difficult to explain to others, is this purely psychological? How much of it is actual physical, like a manifestation? How much of this might we be able to consider as obsessive-compulsive, and how do we tell when analyzing something like synchronicity has become a detriment? As always on this show, we try to consider the phenomenal with an open-minded and skeptical point of view, and while so much of this stuff has become New Age bullshit, it's truly hard to discount the ultimately unexplainable implications synchronicity.

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!


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