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BHA25: Killers, Cult Leaders & Jungian Perspectives

For our discussion this week, I am reading an excerpt from my book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana. While the book covers a wide variety of subjects, all under the umbrella-topic of the "unexplainable and horrifying", this excerpt will focus mainly on serial killers with some cult leaders peppered in. And mainly from the perspective of analytic psychology as espoused by CG Jung.

A skeptic would say that it is negligent and foolish to consider spirituality in a court of law, and while I don't think something as non-empirical as spirituality has a place in a courtroom, that doesn't mean that spiritual principles don't have their effect on someone that ends up in a courtroom. Perhaps it is too sensationalist to consider a serial killer to be possessed -- but the fact remains that we can find occult obsessions in the stories of serial killers more often than not. Take Jeffrey Dahmer, who attempted to built an altar of skeletons, or Ted Bundy, who consistently spoke of his "entity" that followed him. But then again, let us not forget David Berkowitz, who cartoonishly thought demons were communicating to him through dogs.

What other killer stories are there of strange occultism, how much of it is a lie, how much of it is just delusion, and how much might we be able to consider as truly occult? Whether or not you want to use words like possession or demons, nefarious occult obsessions cannot be denied when it comes to studying the dark minds of history's serial killers.

Honestly, even if someone were to irrefutably prove that a serial killer had been possessed, I don't think it would or should change anything about law and criminality as we know it. Sorry but life is creepy, and if anyone can be possessed by any sort of demon, don't expect for that to prove your innocence! As someone that believes in some level of metaphysical influence--whatever it be--I think crimes should be paid for regardless.

Names mentioned will also include Richard Ramirez, Israel Keyes, Henry Lee Lucas, John Wayne Gayce, Danny Rolling, Richard Chase, and more!

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!


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