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BHA 8: OG Comics & Mysticism II (feat. Martin Ferretti)

For this edition of Black Hoodie Alchemy, my good friend Martin joins me as my second official guest. We follow up my last conversation with Eric Millar about his book 'The Four Color Grimoire', the history of comic books, the mythologies and philosophies that inspired them, as well as unpacking some of the details of Eric's favorite authors and heroes.

This time, Martin takes what Eric helped us build on the show and adds to it, deconstructing the philosophies of Grant Morrison and his takes on chaos magick and Hermeticism through writing titles like Batman, Justice League, Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and The Invisibles. And we can't help but discuss Alan Moore a bit as well!

Simulation theory, sigil magick, archetypes and analytic psychology, Moon Knight and schizophrenia, and a deep look at both DC and Marvel.


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