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3: Murder, Magick & Meth - The Children of Thunder 'Cult'

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Have you ever wondered: what would happen if a child in a California Bay Area community was groomed to be a softcore Mormon prophet for God? A New Age Joseph Smith 2.0? If you've ever thought about that, maybe you've also wondered how long it might take before he reaches his eventual mental breakdown, or how much methamphetamine he might smoke, how many harems of women he might fail to create for himself, or how many people he might kill in a spree. But even if you've wondered a little bit of all of that, I bet the idea of kidnapping Brazilian orphans to turn into assassins to help take over the leadership of the Mormon LDS Church AND turn Utah into a nationstate hasn't crossed your mind. And I bet you also haven't considered the all-encompassing, Matrix-hacking '12 Principles of Magick' that is sure to turn your life around and get you to see the bigger picture: that Methamphetamine, magick, and murder evidently get you closer to God in this episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy! Get ready for an absolutely insane and at times hilarious story of a man's raised to be the magickal equivalent of a trust-fund-brat, eventually leading him to piss it all away in a fashion that few people will ever do. Rest in peace to the victims.

my homie Duncan created BHA's theme song, and his music project is New Vew Dew. Check out his track "Typhoon" here


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