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Physics of the Psyche on ' The Secret Teachings'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

For those that missed the broadcast, here is my second conversation from March 17th with Ryan on The Secret Teachings Radio. Here in a chat that was titled, "Empirical Magick: Praying to the Trinity" we take some really new-agey words and unpack them with extremely practical psychological and evolutionary models of human perception.

Looking into the evolutionary mechanisms of things like dreams and hypnosis, it is much easier to understand how other things like belief and faith can be used as pro-adaptive tools, so long as they are used wisely and kept in proper perspective.

The Light and Dark Arts of mysticism and/or magick (terms with much overlap but technically separate) are thermodynamic allegories for physics of the psyche. Jung and many of his contemporaries understood this, and knew furthermore that the masculine and feminine traits often mentioned in symbolism are deeper allegories of these archetypal forces of nature.

The touchstone where physics ripples into the psyche is chaos theory, resolutely. Developing a healthy personal relationship to the known and unknown is highly important for each and every person, regardless of what methods they might take.

And for this conversation, I take a bit more time to hash out how my research has affected my personal life in terms of belief and practice, including some of the results I have seen.

Listen in to our conversation to find more out on the subject!

And you can find a playlist with nearly all of my interviews right here:


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