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On 'The Last American Vagabond'

Updated: Aug 10

This is an interview I did as sort of a farewell to The Last American Vagabond, over two years ago to the date of this posting.

It is interesting namely because this was recorded while I had just finished the second draft of the Dive Manual manuscript. At this point the subtitle was "A Prose of Alchemy & Analytic Psychology" but I felt like "Empirical Investigations of Mysticism" proved to be a bit punchier.

While I am no longer active on the Vagabond, you can find the first half dozen or so of my book's second draft that I posted to the website for free, as a sort of BETA release for me and to provide some more final content to the site. These days I have amicably parted ways with the Vagabond, but they are a group of people I still hold in high regard and consider friends.

If anyone is particularly interested, you can find those BETA chapters on the Vagabond website, here is the prologue, which eventually became Chapter 1 in the final release.

You can also find many of the old articles I wrote for the Vagabond, written anywhere from four to seven years ago now. Much of it is modern science, philosophy, and esotericism that I'm glad to have posted but is really a much clunkier version of my current research and book. As well, plenty of my research was into conspiracy theories. While I still hold many of the same ideas relating to conspiracy that I once did, I've done away with many of those ideas as well.

For the record, I think nearly all politicians are psychopaths, I don't trust big banks or alphabet agencies, and I prefer small government. But I don't believe in a flat earth, or reptilians, or QAnon (but just to be clear, I never believed in these things to begin with, and neither does The Last American Vagabond).

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