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BHA62.666: Good & Evil Gods on 'The Alchemical Mind'

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! This week is a re-release of a conversation I had with Martin Ferretti -- friend of mine, fellow alchemist, and host of the podcast 'The Alchemical Mind', currently on hiatus but with a lot of great content you can go check out!

Originally released in December of 2020, Martin and I get into the esoteric history of gods, particularly in the west, and how the concepts of good and evil have evolved over time, and I felt that this was a great episode to draw some attention to because of the material we've gone through on the show recently.

Particularly with episodes like Answer to Job and The Evolution of God & Goddess, all these concepts have been at the forefront of discussion around these parts! I also hope to get Martin back on the show for a new conversation here soon -- so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this chat of ours!

Often times throughout comparative religious study, the ideas of a god as good and a devil as bad are not only over-simplifications, but they can even be entirely incorrect when looking at these archetypal histories. It may come across as unconventional to the modern mindset, but the ideas of evil, flawed, and confused gods are essential for not only understanding the history of human consciousness, but also how our religious and spiritual mindsets have become what they are today. And not only that, but -- like it or not -- sympathy for a devil is at least a concept you'll need to wrap your head around if you want this full archetypal, comparative religious picture. Yes, we talk about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and much more!

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!


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